Special Issue “Interactive Data Mining and Analysis of weakly structured & unstructured data”
Information Processing & Management: International Journal (Impact Factor: 1,3)
Call for Papers due to December, 15, 2013 (extended)

Guest Editors
Andreas HOLZINGER <expertise> & Gabriella PASI <expertise>

A grand challenge of the 21st Century is to make big data useful and usable to end users. An important aspect to tackle this challenge is to bring together two worlds: Human–Computer Interaction (HCI) and Knowledge Discovery from Data (KDD). A synergetic combination of theories, methods and approaches from both domains can make users active players in mining the data and discover the knowledge they need.

This special issue in the Journal Information Processing and Management (IPM) is aimed at reporting on recent research advances on theories and methods including Human-Computer Interaction & Knowledge Discovery and Data Mining (HCI-KDD), with focus on the interactive analysis of weakly structured and unstructured data. The mission is to support human intelligence with machine intelligence.

The special issue focuses on all aspects related to interactive analytics of unstructured or weakly structured data, including the understanding of human behavior, designing novel intelligent systems to support interactive content analytics, and applications involving novel interactions of human with a data mining system:

  • Interactive Content Analytics from “unstructured” (weakly structured) data
  • Interactive Methods of collaborative Knowledge Discovery and Data Mining (e.g. swarm intelligence, collective intelligence, crowd sourcing) and collaborative Knowledge Discovery/Data Mining/Decision Making;
  • Intelligent, interactive, semi-automatic, multivariate Information Visualization and Visual Analytics;
  • Novel Search User Interaction Techniques (supporting human intelligence with computational intelligence);
  • Modeling Human Search Behavior and Understanding Human Information Needs;

Peer Review

The International Scientific Committee of the network of excellence > HCI-KDD will ensure the highest possible quality. All submitted papers will go through a rigorous peer-review process with at least two reviewers. The acceptance process will focus on those papers that address innovative theories and methods.

Authors Instructions

All submissions must follow the > Instructions for Authors of the Journal of Information Processing and Management.

Acceptance Rate

We will focus an overall acceptance rate of approximately 20 % targeting for around 6 to 8 papers. However, we will focus on quality instead of quantity, so it may be less or more, dependent on the quality of the submissions received.


Paper submission due to December, 15, 2013 (extended – due to several requests)
Notification of acceptance due to January, 31, 2013
Final version due to March, 15, 2014